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Constance Energy Monitoring

The objective of this site, is to measure and monitor the Energy usage and environmental details of our house. The site uses a number of tools to achieve this. Firstly there are a number of IOBridge Interfaces both collecting data and managing sensors and switches around the house. In addiiton to this there is an ALERT ME unit measuring the Electrical consumption of the house in near realtime.

The charts update every 10 minutes. The temperature updates in ever 10 seconds or if you click them. The KWh measurement is currently of the whole building and does not take into account single appliances. I'm working on this as part of an ongoing project.

As the site builds I'll add more features including building security etc. I'm wanting to add a realtime "Right Now" power consumption meter but seem to be struggling with the API's bear with me and I'll get this going at some point.

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